Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"Top" SEO Firms Paying For Falsified Ratings

As all of us internet marketers know, you can always buy your way to the top rather than working for it. If one were to search for for "search engine marketing" you would likely see news on "top seo companies". The problem with this is that many companies have been buying up press releases and blasting them across the internet claiming fake awards.

This makes one wonder a bit when you consider how exactly does a person go about making such a decision as to who's search engine marketing company is really the best. If you are to browse around the internet and start digging a little bit deeper you will soon find that companies are paying 3,000 - 6,000 dollars or more to be ranked in the top. Despite these fake awards many people are still heavily relying on low-life companies who have bought their rank instead of earning it.

Another problem is that there are currently no regulations or prevention methods of stopping this crafty form of advertising.

Who is releasing these fake awards?

- Gold Line

- topseos.com

- promotionworld.com

"But Gary, how do I know who's real and who's not?"

- Check to see if their domains are black listed

- search for their company name and see if there are any reviews that show up

- Ask your friends for recommendations

- Give them a call, tell them what you want, get a quote, and compare prices.

- Look at their SEO methodoligy? Do they employ "black hat" techniques. If so steer CLEAR!!!

As a bonus in this article I'm going to include 7 SEO Quick tips:

1) Include desired keyword(s) in your domain name *

2) Use Meta Tags **

3) Use alt text for images

4) When registering a domain do so for 2 or more years

5) Use title text for links

6) Use nofollow tags for external links ***

7) If your site is new consider submiting it to search engines. ****

* For a detailed explaination as to how and why this important please ask a proffesional SEO expert.

** Do not spam. Meta tags have specific standards and you should abide by those of the search engines to reap maximum benifits.

*** This should be done carefully and may require help of an SEO expert for maximum benifit.

**** WARNING: Avoid free services. In most cases they will request your email and or other personal information and use it for spam purposes and not actually submit your website. Also, some submisison sites may display fake output or send fake confirmation emails.

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